Kino Sydney returns Monday 8th February

Kino #103

Monday 8th February, 2016, 6pm.

107 Projects – $10 – Buy tickets – Facebook RSVP

Join Kino Sydney for our monthly short film screening and party. Featuring the new, delirious and utterly creative work from local filmmakers alongside the acclaimed works of our featured filmmakers.

Cheer on the short films, gain insight from our Q&As and industry guests, discover a new local artists in our live music set, feel content on our popcorn and pizza, and try your luck on our giveaways.

Entry is $10 with all programming and food inclusive.

FILMMAKERS: Kino Sydney is an open-screen. With no pre-selection or signature items, Kino is a place to cut your teeth with a real world audience, getting that valuable feedback on your strengths and weaknesses as a storyteller.

We ask only that films are under 6 minutes; no ads or home videos; not available online. Register to screen here.

Kino #103 is an 18+ event.

Kino #102 on Mon 11 Jan 2016

Kino #102- Open-Screen Film Night (6)Kino #102

Monday 11th January, 2016, 6pm.

107 Projects – $10 – Buy tickets

Celebrate the New Year and new local short cinema with Kino Sydney on Monday 11th January at 107 Projects. With no pre-selection or heavy handed rules, films will be everything from madcap comedies to tear-jerking dramas to personal portraits.

Join us for a night of short films, filmmaker Q&As, live music, food, and giveaways. Kino is only $10 and tickets are available online.

FILMMAKERS: Register to screen at – all films should be under 6 minutes; feature the Kino logo or Kino Sydney in text + screening number; not be available online; not have screened in Sydney at more than 1 festival or event; not be a home video; not be advertisements or home videos.

All screening filmmakers will go into a draw for an equipment hire voucher. Spots are strictly limited; register now.

Live music will be sunshine pop from u_MG_5348p-and-coming artist Alison Avron. Avron is a singer/songwriter most known for creating and running the DIY music venue, The Newsagency. Most recently she recorded her debut album with multi-platinum award winning producer, Philip Jimenez at his recording studio in New York.

Kino #102 is an 18+ event.

Emerging Visions Report


On Wednesday 11 November, Metro Screen released ‘Emerging Visions Report: the growing gap between learning and earning for Australian filmmakers’

Following devastating cuts by federal screen agency Screen Australia Metro Screen will close their doors in December 2015 having provided essential support and development for emerging screen practitioners for more than 34 years.

As their final contribution, they presented the first significant research into talent regeneration in the screen industry. Kino Sydney was there to cover the report and the event. Video by Claudia Butters and Beccy Tait.

The landmark research shows that since 2007 federal government support to the screen industry has increased by 90% to $419 million per year (including the Producer Offset), yet targeted federal funds for emerging screen practitioners is set to reduce by 80% to $2 million next year.

The Emerging Visions report aims to inform an appropriate strategic response by the industry to the changing landscape so that the talent of tomorrow is given the time and opportunity to prove itself equitably and sustainably.

Download Emerging Visions Key Findings.

Download Emerging Visions Full Report.

Kino #100 Program

Kino #100: Screening Party

Saturday 14th November, 2015, 6pm.

107 Projects – $15 – Buy tickets

On Saturday 14th November, Kino Sydney hits our 100th screening and we mean to celebrate.

Join us to raise a drink to local creatives. Marvel at 14 brand news FILMS with LIVE SOUND (music, voice, effects, or otherwise). Vote in our to send one filmmaker home with a $1000 equipment hire voucher for their next project. And find out the behind-the-scenes secrets in our filmmaker Q&AS.

Dance the night away or chill out on the lounges with LIVE MUSIC from Lily & The Bellows, Tashka, and a DJ from Tessellate. ENJOY A COMPLIMENTARY DRINK on arrival and enjoy PIZZA & POPCORN.

For the creative amongst you, there will be an opportunity to contribute to CROWD WRITTEN SCREENPLAY, take part in LIVE FILMMAKING, recreate your favourite MOVIE MOMENTS, look for inspiration at our KINO BRAINSTORM, and listen on how to go from shorts to features in our INDUSTRY TALK from local filmmaker Dean Francis.

If that wasn’t enough, there will be KINO CLASSICS, a look at KINO PLANET, and GIVEAWAYS – including the opportunity to win a 12-month DOUBLE PASS to Kino screenings.

See the full program here.

Screen at Kino Sydney #100

Kino #100 – Kino Sydney Live

Saturday 14th November, 2015, 6pm.

107 Projects

Join Kino Sydney for our 100th screening as we challenge new and old filmmakers to produce and screen short films no longer than 100 seconds with one soundtrack element performed live.

In addition to cheering on short films, catch one of the live music acts, marvel at the ‘100 Kinos in 100 Seconds’ Projection, take part in live filmmaking, listen to a talk on how to make the jump from short to feature, enjoy a drink on arrival & grab a snack, and vote in the audience award. Tickets are $15 for this very special edition of Kino and can be bought here.

LIVE with logos

Filmmakers: Screening at ‘Kino Sydney Live’ during ‘Kino #100’ will make you eligible for the audience award of a $1000 voucher for equipment hire at The Front in Redfern. Films must be 100 seconds or less in length & one soundtrack element must be performed live. One entry per filmmaker. Make sure you register here by 23:59 on October 20th 2015 to be in with a chance to win. Terms and conditions apply. 

We will still be accepting films for ‘Open-Screen’ at Kino #100! Open-Screen films are not eligible for  The Front voucher; only eligible for good times. They can also be registered here.

Stay tuned for more information on Kino #100.

10 tips for screenwriting

39a-Older-Dalton-Trumbo-photoScreenwriting can be tough. I should know – I haven’t completed a screenplay in 2 years, even a short one. Following conversations with a number of local screenwriters, I’ve complied a list of 10 tips for screenwriting.

1. Get your writing conditions right.

Know yourself and the conditions in which you are most productive: be that writing in a home office shrouded in complete silence; writing in a library where it is quiet but there are still people around to watch; writing in a noisy cafe where you barista is regularly interrupting you. Your preferred conditions might change with your mood – if that is the case know and recognise your moods and where you should head to write.

2. Know your audience.

Cinema is, more often than not, entertaining. When you sit down to write a screenplay you should know exactly who you want to engage and entertain for a good two hours. The writing process is so solitary that is easy to forget that you are writing for an audience.

3. Practice dialogue regularly.

Screenplays tend to be pretty dialogue heavy in the sound age of cinema and it is trickiest part of writing. Best to do writing exercises on dialogue, going for the natural and engaging flow, not falling into traps of clunky exposition or an overuse of quips (see Marvel Movies).

4. Read, read and read.

Writers should read. Soak up stories, turns of phases, character traits, and more. The more you read, the wider the breadth of the world and storytelling you have to draw on. This isn’t about ripping off or even inspiration – it is about having that acute understanding of storytelling and characters when you set about writing.

5. Observe, observe, and observe.

Writers should watch and listen. In most cases you are going to be writing about human beings, and there is no better source for character and behaviour than the people around you.Pay attention to them and you will find a wealth of material on the human character to draw for your screenplay.

6. Know where you are going.

It is important to know where your story is going before you begin – that is have a good idea of how your story is going to end and then start taking the steps to get to that ending. How you get there may change on redrafting but you will still know where each new step is taking you.

7. Get to know your characters.

Write out character profiles, know exactly who they are and where they have been. Screenplays often tip over because there seems to be little thought of motivation to what a character says or decides. Another great way to get to know your characters is put them in different scenarios, write short screenplays on other episodes of their lives. This will help them fill fully fleshed out in your proper screenplay.

8. Don’t be afraid to get feedback.

Too many writers will sit on something, refuse to show their writing to anyone and maybe one day make a film of it with never getting feedback. Make sure you show your screenplay to a lot of different people, especially people from your intended audience and especially other writers. Their feedback will be invaluable in turning your screenplay into something great. It will also prepare you for the harder feedback you will get in the professional.

9. Don’t hang on a screenplay for too long.

If a screenplay or a story isn’t working, let it go and move onto your next story. If it is just a scene or a character or a line that isn’t working, drop it and do something else. It is usually wrong because it is just wrong, and your next idea might be the very right one.

10. Be ready for your screenplay to change.

Films rarely turn out how you envisioned them when writing the screenplay. Often they come out better. Be ready to amend your screenplay as production chugs along and be ready to see parts of your screenplay on the cutting room floor. Flexibility in this process will make it smooth and help you to see the best version of your writing.

Film of the Week: ‘Next Floor’ by Denis Villeneuve

To celebrate the release of Sicario – the new release from acclaimed filmmaker Denis Villeneuve – in Australian cinemas this week, our pick of the week is ‘Next Floor’.

‘Next Floor’ is the 2008 Short Film from Denis Villeneuve and it picked him up the ‘Best Short Film’ at International Critics’ Week in Cannes. It really is a joy to watch. A captivating absurdist concept, realised with masterful execution. If you haven’t seen the cinema of Villeneuve prior to this short, you will be sorting them out soon after.

Don’t forget! Kino Sydney has a new film review website: THE KINO REVIEWS. Film reviews by filmmakers, for filmmakers – with every review discussing what filmmakers could takeaway for their own films. We took a look at Sicario earlier this week.

Kino #99: Open-Screen Film Night

Kino Sydney returns on Monday 12 October, chock full of: local short films; filmmaker Q&As; featured filmmaker for Q&A session; live music; pizza; baked goods; lucky door prizes; and more. Everything kicks off from 6pm at 107 Projects. Tickets are $10 and strictly limited.

Come cheer on as first time filmmakers, local favourites, and seasoned pros strut their stuff and premiere new short films. Tickets are only $10 AND includes food. Buy online and save your seat. Please note that Kino Sydney is an 18+ event.

FILMMAKERS: Kino Sydney is city’s only open-screen film night. We will screen your film no matter style, genre or level of expertise. Just book a slot and receive FREE access to the screening party. Register now.

Want to be part of a filmmaking team working on a project for Kino #99? Come along to Kino Creates #2: our new networking night on Wednesday 16 September.

Kino #99- (2)

Kino #98: Open-Screen Film Night

11013028_1042055355805604_868158672741111364_nKino Sydney returns chock full of colourful, sometimes gonzo, and always-inventive short films.

Come cheer on as first time filmmakers, local favourites, and seasoned pros strut their stuff and premiere new short films.

Tickets are only $10 and include short films, filmmaker Q&As, live music, giveaways and pizza. Buy online or grab one on the door (if there are any left)

Filmmakers: Kino Sydney is city’s only open-screen film night. We will screen your film no matter style, genre or level of expertise. Just book a slot and receive free access to the screening party. Register now:

Want to be part of a filmmaking team working on a project for Kino #98? Come along to our production meeting slash networking night on Wednesday 12 August: