Film of the Week: ‘Next Floor’ by Denis Villeneuve

To celebrate the release of Sicario – the new release from acclaimed filmmaker Denis Villeneuve – in Australian cinemas this week, our pick of the week is ‘Next Floor’.

‘Next Floor’ is the 2008 Short Film from Denis Villeneuve and it picked him up the ‘Best Short Film’ at International Critics’ Week in Cannes. It really is a joy to watch. A captivating absurdist concept, realised with masterful execution. If you haven’t seen the cinema of Villeneuve prior to this short, you will be sorting them out soon after.

Don’t forget! Kino Sydney has a new film review website: THE KINO REVIEWS. Film reviews by filmmakers, for filmmakers – with every review discussing what filmmakers could takeaway for their own films. We took a look at Sicario earlier this week.

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