Emerging Visions Report


On Wednesday 11 November, Metro Screen released ‘Emerging Visions Report: the growing gap between learning and earning for Australian filmmakers’

Following devastating cuts by federal screen agency Screen Australia Metro Screen will close their doors in December 2015 having provided essential support and development for emerging screen practitioners for more than 34 years.

As their final contribution, they presented the first significant research into talent regeneration in the screen industry. Kino Sydney was there to cover the report and the event. Video by Claudia Butters and Beccy Tait.

The landmark research shows that since 2007 federal government support to the screen industry has increased by 90% to $419 million per year (including the Producer Offset), yet targeted federal funds for emerging screen practitioners is set to reduce by 80% to $2 million next year.

The Emerging Visions report aims to inform an appropriate strategic response by the industry to the changing landscape so that the talent of tomorrow is given the time and opportunity to prove itself equitably and sustainably.

Download Emerging Visions Key Findings.

Download Emerging Visions Full Report.

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