Amazing Thailand Film Challenge

At Kino #96 on Monday 6th June, Kimberley Low and Tim Anastasi presented ‘3000 Heavens: The Mighty Mekong‘. Low and Anastasi produced the documentary in 2013 for the Amazing Thailand Film Challenge as part of the Thailand International Film Destination Festival. The pair of filmmakers were flown to Thailand, given a small budget, production assistance, and accommodation to produce a short film in a foreign country in a very limited time frame. The experience designed to encourage foreign interest in producing films in the South East Asia country.

The film by Low and Anastasi were an hypnotic documentary on the lives supported by the Mekong river – but the two were quick to point out that films of all styles were realised by about 50 filmmaker teams from across the world. The Q&A revealed some of the problems faced under such challenging circumstances but Low and Anastasi went on to pick up one of the awards at the screening.

The experience caught the attention of many of the filmmakers in the audience and left them wanting to know how they can get involved.The festival’s website provides all the pertinent details: the challenge is supported by the Thai Film Office and Department of Tourism; the production budget equates to $1000; the challenge is 5 days in length; it happens in February so has already been for 2015 – but keep an eye on the Facebook page as applications for 2016 will undoubtedly open soon.

Kino regulars might have an upper hand as well as they have cut their teeth on Kino Sydney’s very own limited time, limited resources challenges. In the meantime, draw inspiration from Low and Anastasi’s effort below.

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