KINO #138

Our 4th screening for the year! Have you got a short film you’re dying to show a bunch of supportive film lovers? That’s what Kino is about!

We’ll have usual selection of short films, delicious food, filmmakers and film-enthusiasts to usher in the new year.

We’ll have short films, delicious food, filmmakers and film-enthusiasts.

We never know what to expect but there may be a films maybe horror, arthouse, action, experimental or rom com….you’ll just have to find out! But there will definitely be great people, great food, trivia prizes and maybe a competition.

If you’re new to Kino, we foster indie filmmaking by letting YOU screen your films to a live audience. If you’re new to filmmaking and want to find people to join you OR if you’re old to filmmaking simply love making films, this is your home. 

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