Kino Kabaret 2018 – The Washup


Friday night pitching, before the chaos of production…

It was mad. It was chaotic. It was bliss. It was Kino Kabaret 2018.

The Kabaret is a staple event in all Kino chapters worldwide. We make and screen short films over a weekend.

If you’re a novice or a professional, there’s no better way to dive into filmmaking than at a Kino Kabaret. From Friday November 9th to Sunday 12th, actors, directors, editors and other creatives and channelled all their energy into producing original pieces of cinema. Despite how much planning goes into an event like this, challenges inevitably conspire to prevent film from being completed. And yes, some didn’t make it over the line. But amidst the chaos, the standard across the whole range of films was exceptional.

Films made at a Kabaret can then be submitted to other festivals or screenings. You own your work, not Kino Sydney. So not all of the films are available online, but here are some that are.

Enjoy 🙂


Directed, Shot and Cut by Dominic Satchell


Directed, Shot and Cut by Garrett Eckerson

“Man About A Wallaby”

Directed by Kenny Foo

Shot and Cut by Bryan Fisher, Sound Recording by John Luna

“The House of Steps”

Directed by Kenny Foo

Shot and Cut by Bryan Fisher, Sound Recording by Ganu Bhalerao


Directed by Carlos Torres

Shot and cut by Nick Thomson

“Caffeine Bebop”

Directed, Shot and cut by David Kang

“Battle Royale”

Directed by Ganu Bhalerao

Shot by Bryan Fisher and cut by Addy Fong

“House of Game of Cards”, “Endless Rainbow Road” and “Arachnophobia”

All directed by Glen Falkenstein


Directed and stars Andrew Cullimore

Shot by Glen Falkenstein and cut by Dave Coneer

***CONTENT WARNING*** Contains depiction of suicide.


Here are a series of “Haiku” films suggested by Olivier Bonenfant from Filmonik in Melbourne. They consist of 3 shots – 5 secs, 7 secs and 5 secs.

Thanks to Andrew Cullimore for compiling them!

“The Call”

Directed by Bernard Peasley

Shot by Garrett Eckerson

“Picture Perfect”

Directed by Madhava Madireddy

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